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Figurite Arithmetic Wheel - Rare

Figurite Arithmetic Wheel - Rare


Eat Ruhl’s Sunfed Vitamin “D” Bread

Walbro, NYC 1920

This math wheel is one of the volvelles included in Jessica Helfand’s book “Reinventing the Wheel.” She describes it: “Three concentric rings for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division frame a classroom scene at once classic and creepy. Two girls in patterned dresses sit demurely, one practicing sums on her own laptop blackboard while the other raises her hand to be called upon. A young lad stands nearby, ready to be quizzed by a menacing, if nattily dressed teacher pointing to the ‘Figurite’ logo. Benched behind them sits a stunned (if Sunfed) looking boy with a dunce cap, who either gave the wrong answer – or ate the wrong bread for breakfast.”

8” x 8 ½”

Fully functional, colors strong, slight paper toning. Has a slight wrinkle bottom right.

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